Indigenous Literacy Day online

While we’re waiting to see what social distancing restrictions will allow us to do for our Indigneous Literacy Foundation Big Book Swap in September, Indigenous Literacy Day on 2 September is going online. Check in if you’re able — Jessica Mauboy is performing and writerly guests include Alison Lester, Anita Heiss and Andy Griffiths.

Great Book Swap, 17 September 2020

Words Out Loud is supporting the Great Book Swap this year, to benefit the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

UPDATE: Plans to join the ILF Great Book Swap have been derailed due to COVID-19, so let’s see what next year brings! Thanks for your interest, and, of course, you don’t need our help to throw a few dollars to the Indigenous Literacy Fund if you can.

Our event on 17 September — in whatever form it takes under the COVID-19 cloud — will raise donations, but there’s no need to wait till then if you’d like to support this cause.

Donations can be made online at the ILF Great Book Swap site.

Meanwhile, we are collecting a pile of books to, we hope, be available at the September event — any books to share on the night will be most welcome.

Here’s our ‘house’ mascot, Wamparla. Thanks for your support, possums!