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Judith Bryce

Wimmera — Mallee Lifeline

Mixed eucalyptus-dyed raffia, red gum bark (Eucalyptus camaldulensis), aged fencing wire, little corella feathers (Cacatua sanguinea)
70cm x 23cm x 24cm

Online: Instagram: judithbryce

>> A trip to Broken Hill in 2014 and a subsequent visit to Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery was the inspiration for Judith to consider fibre art as a medium for her creative energy.
Her weaving is usually formed from raffia and foraged materials ؅– it is frequently dyed naturally from local materials – and it may also have a framework of a pliable material such as wisteria. This style of weaving and thus creating allows Judith to make a firm connection with the surrounding land and nature.
Australian indigenous weaving, and also the woven works by renowned fibre artist Ann Evers, from Broken Hill, have been a positive influence on her style.


by Chris Cody

      The basket


       with floss; pink

             feathers of the dead


       be serious

             can we


        send it down-river to watch it


Listen to Chris’s poem (read by Megan Riedl):

>> Christopher is a writer of short stories currently undertaking a PhD in Creative Writing at Deakin University. He has been published in Southerly, The New Guard Literary Review, and was a semi finalist in the US-based Machigonne Fiction Contest in 2015. He lives in Haddon with his partner, Jess.

A poster by Philip Buadromo for text by Chris Cody

A poster by Philip Buadromo for text by Chris Cody