Podcast – April 2020


This is the first of our podcast series, established in response to the COVID-19 lockdown. Some of the works here draw on the themes of the cancelled March and April live events, but our themes are never compulsory, and it’s no surprise to find the pandemic being mentioned in several of the works. This podcast also includes a rare song for a Words Out Loud event, where the focus is on spoken word. We greatly appreciate those who contributed work to this inaugural podcast.



Your hosts:
Jason Nahrung
Kirstyn McDermott (also tech wizard)

Earl Livings, Lake View at Neuschwanstein Castle [4:08] (pic below)
Megan J Riedl, Hurry [7:06]; My Loneliness [8:28]; Nurse [9:54]
Rhonda Cotsell, Road to Nowhere 1 [11:29] (pic below); Road to Nowhere 2 [12:07]
Laure E Goodin, The Monster Tarantella [14:13] (watch Laura’s performance of her ‘Windscreen’ poem here)
Jennie Fraine, The Alwaysness of Trees [17:16]; untitled [18:32]; dodoitsu [19:57]
Jason Nahrung, 51-60 [21:18](Reading the Lifeline)
Christine Pearse, Coronavirus [27:43]
Richard Minus One, New Dawn [30:39] (pic below)
Kirstyn McDermott, The Spider of the Shadow [33:24]
Brooke Vogt, Better Get Used to It [38:05] (pic below)

Theme music: Birdy Rix by Rasputin at looperman.com

Lake Alpsee near Neuschwanstein Castle. Picture: Earl Livings

Lake Alpsee near Neuschwanstein Castle. Picture: Earl Livings


Road to Nowhere No.1. Picture: Rhonda Cotsell


New Dawn. Picture: Richard Pettifer


Brooke Vogt reads through lockdown.