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Care and Ignorance by Magdalena Kaźmierczak

Picture by Ian Kemp

Magdalena Kazmierczak

Care / Ignorance

Mixed media
42cm x 59cm / 42cm x 59cm

Online: Instagram: @magdalena.myart

>> Magdalena Kazmierczak is an emerging artist, born in Poland, graduated from Warsaw University of Life and Sciences, with a Master’s degree in landscape architecture, where she also studied painting and sculpture.
In her home country she ran successful business designing gardens, home interior and furnishings.
Since living in Australia (2012), as well as caring for her young family, her love of art has become very important. Becoming a member of the Soldiers Hill Artists Collective in 2016 has helped her to fulfil her artistic career.



by Jason Nahrung

when plankton can eat microbeads when reefs grow in
acid when coal doesn’t suffocate us when politicians don’t
sell us out when cities can float when business as usual
means giving a damn when rhinos can regrow their
horns when profits don’t make the world go round when
turtles can digest plastic when corporations don’t lie when
cows don’t fart when people can breathe underwater when
enough is sufficient when trees don’t burn when sheep can
eat dust when excess isn’t success

then the future is in the bag

Listen to Jason’s poem:

>> Jason, a journalist, editor and writer, is undertaking a PhD in creative writing at The University of Queensland. He is the author of four novels and more than 20 short stories, all within the speculative fiction field.

Online: www.jasonnahrung.com


Magdalena’s response to Jason’s text:
My two works confront people with environmental issues. We all have a choice how we want to live: with CARE or with IGNORANCE to the world around us.
Jason summed and pointed in an ironic and bit sarcastic way everything I wanted to say.
People got to such a bizarre point where war about plastic bags is a war about our future. I strongly believe that we can do better then that. The world isn’t ours, we just borrowed it from the next generation. I remind myself about it every single day. I think you should, too.

A poster made in workshop for text by Jason Nahrung

A poster made in workshop for text by Jason Nahrung