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Detail from Ginan ... the Infinite, by Lynne Makings

Lynne Makings

Ginan … the Infinite

Plastic straws, recycled plastic lattice, plastic cups, acrylic paint
Artisan: Ken Makings

Online: lynnemakings.weebly.com; Instagram: percyandstanleywalter

>> Lynne is a Ballarat-based mature-age artist who achieved recognition from her peers in 2015 when she was selected to show work at the Emerging Artist Award 2016 at Melbourne’s fortyfive downstairs and at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Artists’ exhibition for emerging artists “Hatched”, also in 2016. In addition, she was granted the Federation University Vice-Chancellor 2D Acquisition and Creative Framing Award 2015. Lynne is also the instigator and previous convenor of the Soldiers Hill Artist Collective (SHAC) and of the all-female group SHEILAS. She loves to experiment with a variety of media and particularly enjoys exploring the thread /line within the grid.

Artist statement for “Ginan, the infinite”:

In our pervasive plastic era, the ancient and First Nations’ enduring culture could, and, can inform our future. If only we faced our individual soul, to embrace this knowledge and fully recognise prior ownership of all land. The timeless and enigmatic Ginan, the Southern Cross constellation, provides what could be a unifying symbol.
The possibility
The healing of a deep wound…
If only…
… the Dreaming


by Zoe Werner

Once singing to the stars and proclaiming their ways of living off this land that we now surround. Are you proud?
Even at the heart of ‘our’ cross—they are ambushed. Do you have a heart?
NO future was ever written—even they never had to foresee the need for hymns of mercy.
We were not and are not entitled. Yet, behold the gilded cage they are still in. Did you swallow the key?
Of the land they were once in harmony with that we continue to rape—what future is left?
Single-use, disposable clusters. Are you proud?

Listen to Zoe’s poem (read by Kirstyn McDermott):

>> Zoe is studying English literature and writing at Federation University and enjoying every opportunity to engage in various writing projects.

Lynne’s response to Zoe’s text:
The writer, Zoe Werner, has captured the essence of “Ginan”, recognising and embracing the enduring spiritual and environmental bequest of Australia’s Indigenous people; contrasting this legacy with the devastation of our landscapes since white settlement. Zoe asks if we are proud of “our” legacy. Who could honestly answer Yes?
A treaty opens the way for healing a deep wound … timeless and enigmatic Ginan a unifying symbol.


Poster for untitled poem by Zoe Werner

Workshopped poster for untitled poem by Zoe Werner