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Markers on the Landscape 3 by Helmut Stenzel

Helmut Stenzel

Markers on the Landscape 3

Hand-cut three-colour silkscreen print
28.5cm x 94cm

>> Helmut Stenzel studied graphic design at the Ballarat College of Advanced Education (now Federation University) and later education at the Hawthorn Institute of Education.

He later returned to the then University of Ballarat as a lecturer, and then after taking a break to develop his graphic design business, he took up a position as lecturer, co-ordinator graphic design/multimedia. This was followed by a period lecturing in communication design at RMIT University.

He works in a diverse range of creative media and is pursuing a strong interest in typography and the process of traditional letterpress printing.


weathering or not the future

by Fraser Mackay

another day slides over the western ridge
back inside stoke fire, heat soup, mood in neutral
the flame of life flickers, squarely in one’s eye

this week’s quest: how close can you get
to the world unseen, unknowable, already art
sweat not the inconsequential, markers we didn’t grasp

bereft in an easterly direction, caught up in simulacra
our singular perceptions, our unique blindness
drift along predictable streets, disconnected

a sea of empty eyes—one struggles
to find a way in, to find a way out
but at times grateful… an agreeable vista.

Listen to Fraser’s poem:

>> Fraser is a writer and editor. He is published in various Australian literary journals and online. Fraser reads at festivals and on occasion performs his work with fellow musicians. His fourth collection of poetry, opus at 4, was released in 2016.

A poster made in workshop for text by Fraser Mackay

A poster made in workshop for text by Fraser Mackay