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Rebound by Neale Thompson

Picture: Ian Kemp

Neale Thompson


Native timbers, recycled timber
143cm x 27cm x 45cm

>> Neale made an early foray into furniture making in the mid-1990s, using recycled materials from renovations to make home furniture. His first piece was lodged at Convent Gallery, Daylesford, in 2003, and he has since had pieces on show at Salt Contemporary Art in Queenscliff and in SHAC exhibits for the past fourteen years. His first headlining exhibition, in 2015, was a joint venture with master craftsman Leo Lenz. Neale won the Flanagan Art Prize in 2013 and has also been an entrant in the Australian Furniture Design Award.

Artist statement for “Rebound”:

I believe that function is not separate from the aesthetic. Clean lines, fine detail and contrasting colours feature in my work. The use of recycled materials is a priority. Inspiration is derived from the environment, natural and manufactured, the materials at hand and … Australia’s hugely talented timber artisans.


by Jen White

The sturdy essence of this piece, pleasingly sleek against skin, is an expression of both ingenuity and creativity, its enduring usefulness abundant: a chair, a table, or a piece of art to gaze upon in reverie, or all. Its primeval material, sourced long ago, held communally, and used well, has now been passed between neighbours to be reshaped, reformed, forged anew into an object that lives on, expressing the ordinary heroics of effort, of recycling the world, one hardy piece at a time, the very existence of this thing a statement of belief in the joyful industry of possibility, of hope.

Listen to Jen’s poem:

>> Jen is an Australian writer who finds inspiration in the vibrancy and mystery of the Australian environment. Jen’s stories have appeared in magazines such as Andromeda Spaceways, Aurealis and Dimension6; and in anthologies including Dead Red Heart and Future Lovecraft. She has twice been a finalist in the Aurealis Awards.
Neale’s response to Jen’s text:
As a springboard for future ideas, “Rebound” asks us to dive head first into a world of environmental uncertainty. Will we, like an Olympian, barely make a splash, or will we create so much turbulence that others will sit up and take notice of what’s happening to our world?

Poster art made in workshop for text by Jen White

A poster made in workshop for text by Jen White