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Precipice by Christine Nordenadler and Lynne Makings

Detail. Picture by Ian Kemp

Lynne Makings and Christine Nordenadler


Mixed media
60cm x 300cm x 20cm

Online:; Instagram: percyandstanleywalter

>> Lynne is a Ballarat-based mature-age artist who achieved recognition from her peers in 2015 when she was selected to show work at the Emerging Artist Award 2016 at Melbourne’s fortyfive downstairs and at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Artists’ exhibition for emerging artists “Hatched”, also in 2016. In addition, she was granted the Federation University Vice-Chancellor 2D Acquisition and Creative Framing Award 2015. Lynne is also the instigator and previous convenor of the Soldiers Hill Artist Collective (SHAC) and of the all-female group SHEILAS. She loves to experiment with a variety of media and particularly enjoys exploring the thread /line within the grid.

With a background in psychology and pastoral care, Christine’s artworks provide an avenue of exploration and reflection in her transition from mentor to student – dealing with personal trauma and subsequent disability.
Her multi-media works come from that inner place where she strives to be alert to every epiphany of the inner beauty of things. Hence she likes to repurpose materials and incorporate elements with marks of trace and hidden stories.

Artist statement for “Precipice”:

“God doesn’t play dice with the Universe” – Albert Einstein.

But chance is exactly what our human race is playing against planet Earth.
It is not some innocent game of chatterbox fortune telling; rather an existential threat.
“Precipice” encapsulates both the random messages of hope, whilst the evidential threat forebodes our unspoken demise.
Can the Alberts in our midst win the battle or will the naysayers prevail?
A battle of, and for, the minds and hearts.
It is all we have … planet Earth.


by Kirstyn McDermott

We learned this magic as children, folding secrets and fortunes safe beneath flaps.

Our purpose now is more urgent. Sifting scraps of knowledge near forgotten, tucking them away for you to find. Everything we think you will need, and some things we hope you won’t. How to make bread from scratch, navigate sans GPS, set a broken limb. How to love, who to trust. Why art matters. There isn’t much space, or time. We have to prioritise. (Sorry we couldn’t keep Shakespeare; you would’ve liked him.)

Standing here on the precipice, we fold, and keep folding, and refuse to fall.

Listen to Kirstyn’s poem:

>> Kirstyn is the author of two novels, Madigan Mine and Perfections, as well as a collection of short fiction, Caution: Contains Small Parts. She is currently undertaking a PhD at Federation University with a research focus on creative writing and fairy tales.



Lynne and Christine’s response to Kirstyn’s text:

Lynne: Kirstyn McDermott’s “ARKhive” grasps the nature of hidden knowledge in the childhood “chatterbox” game, interpreted as preserving the essential know-how of survival in the event of an earthly catastrophe. It is urgent but there is a deep human resolve within. “Precipice” encapsulates both the random messages of hope, while the evidential threat forebodes our demise. Chances are, anyway!


In The Precipice

Kirstyn found our hidden message

And showed it to all


A poster by Joel Yates for text by Kirstyn McDermott

A poster by Joel Yates for text by Kirstyn McDermott