Podcast – May 2020


Welcome to the second of our podcast series, established in response to the COVID-19 lockdown. Unfortunately, two writers submitted work for our April edition that got caught in the spam filter, so we’re winding back the clock to include them here. Frank Thompson had addressed the Road to Nowhere theme from our cancelled March event, while Devika “Davey” Das sent us two subs each with two pieces to choose from, so we’ve split them — one for April’s Underneath the Radar theme and one for this month’s.

All up, we have 13 artists presenting work, and we greatly appreciate those who contributed using whatever recording device was at hand to get these to us. Some have sent images to accompany their works, which can be found below.



Your hosts:
Jason Nahrung
Kirstyn McDermott (also tech wizard)

Frank Thompson, Nowhere [starts 2:50]
Devika “Davey” Das, Rebel Chook; untitled [7:50]
Fraser Mackay, Words; Sailing Away; Orendo; Agency [12:49] (pic below)
Robin Taylor, Time; When You Ar Older [16:21]
Anna Bilbrough, Football Fires [21:40]
Neville Hiatt, Memories; Looking Out My Hospital Window [25:10] (pics below)
Jennie Fraine, Viral America (read by Kirstyn McDermott) [27:15]
Rhonda Cotsell, Untitled [30:10] (pic below)
George Williams, Untitled [32:13] (pic below)
Jackson Cass, Time After Time [38:13]
Devika Das, What Sound Was That; A Languid Gesture [40:08]
Jason Nahrung, Your Last Birthday [45:32]
Julie Bilbrough, Custard Arms [47:52]
Brooke Vogt, Click Send; Hope for Helen [49:52]

Theme music: Birdy Rix by Rasputin at looperman.com


A picture from Rhonda Cotsell to accompany her meditation on time.


Fraser Mackay’s image sets up the mood to go with his contribution.


A wintry scene to go with Neville Hiatt’s warm thoughts in ‘Memories’.


‘Looking Out My Hospital Window’, by Neville Hiatt.


George (Georgina) Williams has drawn on her book for her contribution this month.