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Ancient Land by Kate Cullinan

Kate Cullinan

Ancient Land

Acrylic on canvas
51cm x 51cm

>> Kate has been creating art for the past 10 years. She expresses her creativity via photography, painting and sculpture.
“I am motivated by the world around me, my travels and the healing quality of arts involvement.”

Get in Line

by Rebecca Fletcher

The sand and the water and the sky. All lines. The sea foam, a line. Clouds in the sky, streaks above the horizon—lines. The lines of the cliffs show their age and composition, only two letters between sentiment and sediment.

A ring on a finger, a line that connects two people. Our family trees branch and link us to our history. A thousand threads pulled together; the cliffs, the sky and endless people, tiny lines upon lines upon lines, drawing us together—a tapestry of our past, and a net that holds us all.

Listen to Rebecca’s story:

>> Rebecca Fletcher is a Ballarat writer and editor. Still finding her way in the world of words, she’s confident that if there’s a pun in there, she’ll find it and milk it for all it’s worth.


Kate’s response to Rebecca’s text:
Line Colour Shape
Subterranean linkage
Grounding Connecting

A poster by Monique Stephens for text by Rebecca Fletcher

A poster by Monique Stephens for text by Rebecca Fletcher