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Greg by Abigail Robertson

Abigail Robertson


Oil on canavs
92cm x 61cm

>> Abigail has had no formal training in art but started painting portraits in oils four years ago.
She moved to Ballarat three years ago where she joined SHAC and the Yarrowee School of Painters, which has given her the privilege of having the wisdom and guidance of Ballarat artist Rosalind Lawson.
Abigail enjoys painting people and tries to capture them in “a moment” deep in thought or immersed in whatever they are doing.
Last year she started doing sculpture in bronze and has recently started painting with palette knife. She has found exploring the movement and freedom of this form to be extremely enjoyable. It allows her to break away from the detailed work she is used to doing.
Abigail also joined SHEILAS last year, an all-female group of artists from Ballarat.



by Rachel O’Neill

Life’s left me sitting by the shore,
Counting the waves as they roll in.

Winds of change send mixed emotions,
My answer back—a rebel’s grin.

You may think you’ve got me fooled,
This ever-changing game of chance.

But all I see is beauty growing,
I won’t give doubt a second glance.

I’ll write MY story, with MY words,
I’ll author each unfolding scene.

No matter what the weather brings,
I’ll claim my right, and intervene.

Listen to Rachel’s poem:

>> Rachel is a writer, poet and songwriter. From childhood through to present day, Rachel has had many pieces published in not-for-profit publications. She enjoys being involved in community ventures, especially those that support the arts. When she isn’t with pen in hand, Rachel likes to spend time in the garden or spoiling her dog. She is currently working on an anthology of poems and short stories.

A poster by Taidgh King for text by Rachel O'Neill

A poster by Taidgh King for text by Rachel O’Neill