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Weather Alert by Elaine Wheildon

Picture: Ian Kemp

Elaine Wheildon

Weather Alert

Oil on canvas
82cm x 92cm

>> Elaine has been a passionate picture maker for over thirty years, working predominantly in oils, tempera and acrylics, and in recent years making linocut prints.
She draws inspiration for her work from life and her feelings. Her working style is variable – sometimes realistic and most often expressionistic. Elaine has a Bachelor of Arts with majors in the history of art and architecture, and literary studies (Deakin University, 1997), and Diploma of Fine Art from Bairnsdale TAFE (2013).



by Jessica L. Wilkinson

Blue rolls in on a single track, played
over and over. We hum its dirge,
our necessary end—soft proof
we have survived the best we could.

Heavy strokes, yellow heat. The sky
is breaking, and we grieve over green
with our wire and bones. Listen:
there are voices in the dirt, sifting trails;

voices that peak and scream against
a turning field and buzz a din we have
been slow to need. We spin—blue
strokes, green dawn; which way yellow.

Listen to Jessica’s poem:

>> Jessica is the author of two poetic biographies – marionette: a biography of miss marion davies (2012) and Suite for Percy Grainger (2014) – with a third, on George Balanchine, forthcoming in 2019. Jessica is the founding editor of Rabbit: a journal for nonfiction poetry. She teaches Creative Writing at RMIT University, Melbourne.

Elaine’s response to Jess’s and Francis’s texts:
I both admire and congratulate the writers for their perceptive and creative readings of my works, and I love their responses.
I think about the fluid boundaries between humankind and other species, and the inevitable need to be always mindful that whatever we do to nature we are doing to ourselves.

A poster by Max Potts for text by Jessica L. Wilkinson

A poster by Max Potts for text by Jessica L. Wilkinson