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a sea change by elaine wheildon

Elaine Wheildon

A Sea Change

Lino cut print on Fabriano paper
44cm x 28cm

>> Elaine has been a passionate picture maker for over thirty years, working predominantly in oils, tempera and acrylics, and in recent years making linocut prints.
She draws inspiration for her work from life and her feelings. Her working style is variable – sometimes realistic and most often expressionistic. Elaine has a Bachelor of Arts with majors in the history of art and architecture, and literary studies (Deakin University, 1997), and Diploma of Fine Art from Bairnsdale TAFE (2013).


Natural Future

by Francis Vaughan

From her home standing over the water, she waits for her grandchildren.

The house is built of natural materials, improvised; it survives all weathers, sustaining simple needs. For generations cormorants have fished alongside them.
Nature’s ebb and flow, renewal and rebirth regulating lives, a natural order.

Will her home survive the chaotic industrialised world, where man re-engineers nature to satisfy excessive desire, and waste fouls?

Survival depends on our ability to give and take, not on exploitation and abuse.

She hears the splashing of oars and children laughing; hope approaches. She will teach them ways to weather the future.

Listen to Francis’s story:

>> Francis is a retired systems and IT consultant who now enjoys new adventures in creative writing and is a keen participant in spoken word, being a regular attendee of Ballarat’s monthly event Words out Loud.

Online: frant.com.au

Elaine’s response to Francis’s and Jess’s texts:
I both admire and congratulate the writers for their perceptive and creative readings of my works, and I love their responses.
I think about the fluid boundaries between humankind and other species, and the inevitable need to be always mindful that whatever we do to nature we are doing to ourselves.

A poster made in workshop for text by Francis Vaughan

A poster made in workshop for text by Francis Vaughan