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Unbearable...so you think I can eat plastic  by Ken Makings

Picture by Ian Kemp

Ken Makings

Unbearable…so you think I can eat plastic

Mixed media
70cm x 40cm x 40cm

>> Ken, a former science and mathematics teacher, has become interested in art through many visits to art galleries in China, Australia, Europe and the US. He enjoys installation works of art, particularly 3D.
This exhibit is his first and he is hopeful it can be a useful contribution to the theme “Weathering the Future”.

Artist statement for “Unbearable … so, you think I can eat plastic!”:

I have been visiting art galleries for many years and particularly enjoy installation art. In this piece for “Weathering the Future” I have used a ready-made replica of iconic wildlife, with a felicitous touch. Extinction of fauna is one of the Earth’s most serious issues.
Is mankind hurtling towards a similar fate?



by Rhonda Poholke

A man goes down to the river. A fish is plastic-choking
there. In a reflection the man sees himself within the fish.
A swooping bird whisks them away, drops them into the
          polar-melt gallery.

Man and fish see themselves within a bear that is eating
another plastic-choke-fish. The sea swallows the man, fish,
bear; they in turn, swallow the sea, melting off their
          sink-silt bones

all the way to the flooded sad-lands, to splash-tide grieving
cathedrals with tongueless bells. When kingdoms gather their
beasts to glass atriums, who will vault the memory
          of ice?

Listen to Rhonda’s poem:

>> Rhonda is a poet, writer, photographer and collage artist living in Beaufort. She is first a writer; the art and photography come a close second. She likes to mix words with photography and art. Words, to her, add another layer, can take you further than what the eye thinks it sees. Her piece in Weathering the Future was also inspired by three painter-poets: Jean (Hans) Arp (1887-1966), Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948) and Paul Klee (1879-1940).

Ken’s response to Rhonda’s text:
The writer, Rhonda Poholke, has poetically captured the intent of “Unbearable … so you think I can eat plastic!” and has cleverly extended the original form to encapsulate the endpoint of man’s dystopian earthly endeavours. From “plastic choke” to “polar melt gallery” to the unanswerable question as to who will “vault the memory of ice”. Evocative and thought provoking.

A poster made in workshop for text by Rhonda Poholke

A poster made in workshop for text by Rhonda Poholke