April edition – podcast special

With the novel caronavirus causing havoc on events, Words Out Loud has joined those events offering online outlets for creativity while social distancing is in effect.

We felt compelled to cancel our March event following the declaration of a state of emergency in Victoria, and the edition scheduled for April 16 also cannot go ahead, so our chance to launch at our new venue is further delayed.

So in the place of the April event, we’re providing this special podcast edition drawing on works prepared for both March and April. It’s no surprise to find COVID-19 a subject in some of them.

We greatly appreciate the writers who came on board, recording their work at home and emailing it in to us. Some also took advantage of the opportunity to send in photographs to accompany their work. Brooke’s song was so enjoyable, we waived our prohibition on songs!

Listen to the podcast here

We hope you enjoy this special edition, and look forward to resuming regular events as soon as the situation allows. In the meantime, stay tuned for details of May’s podcast event; stay home if you can, stay well, stay safe.

Cohosts Jason Nahrung and Kirstyn McDermott, dressed for the apocalypse

2 thoughts on “April edition – podcast special

  1. Loved it. Thank you Jason and Kirstyn 🙂 you have done a wonderful thing, as usual, giving regional writers a voice. I hope you decide songs are admissable in the future. It felt right to finish on the song here.


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