We have lift off!

Sample of a selection of art from Weathering the Future

Progress report 2: The first stage of the project has been completed, with the Soldiers Hill Artist Collective members having made their work available. Each of the 19 artists has had at least one piece paired with an eager writer — 22 all up — to use as a springboard into their own vision of ‘weathering the future’.

The writers were drawn by lottery at a gettogether where the art, varied in form and subject matter, was available for perusal. The next time the work is brought together will be in December for the actual show.

Here is a list of the artists who have contributed + their associated writers.

Cliff Adeney + Brooke Vogt
Jannine Bennett + Gavin McGrath
Judith Bryce + Christopher Cody
Maria Cook + Melissa Watts
Kate Cullinan + Rebecca Fletcher
Lorraine Huddle #1 + Steve Paulsen
Lorraine Huddle #2 + Troy Platt
Magdalena Kazmierczak + Jason Nahrung
Ian Kemp + Jean Flynn
Jan Leishman + Rob Sidler
Ken Makings + Rhonda Poholke
Lynne Makings + Zoe Werner
Christine Nordenadler + Heather Whitford Roche
Christine Nordenadler and Lynne Makings + Kirstyn McDermott
Sandra Riddell + Craig Coulson
Abigail Robertson + Rachel O’Neill
Helmut Stenzel + Fraser Mackay
Neale Thompson + Jen White
Elaine Wheildon #1 + Francis Vaughan
Elaine Wheildon #2 + Jessica Wilkinson
Wendy Whitford + Stacy Livitsanis
Elizabeth Winter + Megan Riedl

It’s going to be be a busy month for the scribes as their own deadline approaches!

1 thought on “We have lift off!

  1. Reblogged this on Megan J Riedl and commented:
    I’m really excited to have been invited to be part of this cross-art form project. I recently met with artist Liz Winter and viewed her still unfinished painting, which is inspiring me to write a poem.

    Keep up to date with the project via the Weathering The Future blog.


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