Looking ahead

Welcome to 2021!

We are monitoring the Victorian Government’s advice on the requirements for live entertainment and are on the lookout for a suitable venue in Ballarat. We are also considering changes to the WOL model that might facilitate a return to some kind of live gig, but are adamant the event be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

We expect to have signs of life soon – watch this space!

We’ll keep updating our Facebook page with interesting opportunities and news for writers, and encourage you to keep an eye on Melbourne Spoken Word, where gigs are happening in the virtual space.

July podcast special – MSWFO edition

It’s our great pleasure to introduce this special edition of Words Out Loud, a podcast as part of the Melbourne Spoken Word Festival Online (which runs until 9 August 2020).

An extra-warm welcome to those contributors from outside the Central Highlands — it’s lovely to have you with us!

It’s a bumper edition, and some of the contributors have been able to add music and sound effects, making this a great show for us to go out on. Not forever — just while COVID-19 is making it difficult to conduct regular live performances. We will be back as soon as it is safe and practicable to do so.

Listen to the podcast here

Much thanks to all those who took the time to record work, however they could, and we look forward to getting back on stage with you all. Meantime, stay well, stay safe, and we’ll see you on the other side.

Jason and Kirstyn prepare WOL’s MSWFO podcast supervised by Lucy.