Words Out Loud shines a light on the longest night

june words out loud posterWords Out Loud dives into the winter solstice on Thursday June 21 at the Printers Room, in the basement of Sebastiaans at the corner of Mair and Lydiard streets.

Mark the theme of “out of the night” as the wheel of the year turns, or not, with prose, poetry and stories, or simply enjoy the evening in the warm and welcoming Printers Room and the company of fellow wordsmiths and word lovers.

The full menu will be available, as well as a $20 two-course meal deal, so you can nourish body as well as mind and, dare we say it, soul.

The spoken word event encourages poets, writers and raconteurs to share their work, or favourite pieces by others, for five-minute open mic sessions on the third Thursday of each month (unless otherwise advertised). The theme isn’t compulsory.

Enter via Mair St. Drink and food available before and during. Take in the (chilly) air in the beer garden. Enjoy the show from couches, the tables or a seat by the bar. Gold coin donation appreciated. Performances begin from 7pm.

This is a great opportunity to road test new material, celebrate a success or share some inspiration, or simply enjoy a diverse range of spoken word.

Keep in touch at facebook.com/wordsoutloud or join our mailing list.

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