We have audio

Earl Livings at April's Words Out Loud

Visiting Melbourne poet Earl Livings at April’s Words Out Loud.

Recordings of a selection of performances from our March and April events are now available for your listening pleasure!

This is something we’re doing this year for the first time, to add another string to the bow of those fronting the mic each month. We’re absolutely thrilled with the way the event has grown over the past two and a bit years, and we hope this adds more value for our loyal and enthusiastic supporters.

Performers, if you would like a copy of your audio, just let us know and we can email it to you. If you’ve changed your mind about having it online, let us know and we can take it down.

You can listen to the March playlist here and the April playlist here. Additions will be posted under the Audio tab as the editions roll out.

The mic will be hooked up again for our May edition on the 17th, with a simpler permission slip to allow the recording to go online. Words Out Loud is even more out loud than usual!

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