Vale Bob McKinnon

Bob McKinnon at Words Out Loud
Bob McKinnon at Words Out Loud

Friends, it is with a sad heart that we share the news that Clunes poet Bob McKinnon passed away suddenly on Friday 1 October.

Bob was a regular performer at and staunch supporter of Words Out Loud; a sculptor, musician and one hell of a poet.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends, and we know his passing will leave a hole not just in their lives, but in the social and artistic community to which he contributed so much.

We were privileged to have Bob on our stage, so, in tribute, here is one of his performances, the unforgettable ‘Misery Plains’, from a WOL night in August 2019.

You’ll be missed, Bob, and never forgotten.

3 thoughts on “Vale Bob McKinnon

  1. I met Bob (Tinshed) McKinnon, in 1988, to say he was/is a great mate is an understatement. We shared so many special moments, for one, the births of our kids and to many others to list. Tinshed was at my 40th, 50th & 60th birthday celebrations, I wrote a song for my wife on our 25th wedding anniversary, Tinshed and his band of villains covered it for my 50th wedding anniversary. I will treasure that memory for ever. To Lyn, Kody & H we send our love.
    I can’t express. My family’s feeling of loss, we loved the old rogue.
    RIP mate, Tony, Liz, Relle & Dan.


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