Booktown audio to break the poll tension

Words Out Loud writers set for Clunes Booktown, 2019

Words Out Loud ran a showcase event at Clunes Booktown festival on May 5, and you can now listen to the performances.

Writers from the Ballarat region (and one ring-in, who has graced our stage before) shared short pieces of poetry, fiction and memoir at the free event on the Petanque Stage. Taking the stage were:

Craig Coulson (Mt Egerton)
Laura E. Goodin (Melbourne)
Kirstyn McDermott (Ballarat)
Bob McKinnon (Clunes)
David Mellows (Creswick)
Jason Nahrung (MC, Ballarat)
Rhonda Poholke (Beaufort)
Megan Riedl (Ballarat)
Frank Thompson (Creswick)
Heather Whitford Roche (Ballarat)

Audio from the day is now available if you’d like to listen to something other than pundits while the federal election votes are counted today! You can find the recordings here.

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