Amit Dahiyabadshah a guest in August

Amit DahiyabadshahWe’re pleased to welcome Amit Dahiyabadshah to Words Out Loud on August 16, where he’ll be pulling a guest slot of fabulous poetry from his diverse catalogue!

Amit is visiting from New Delhi, where he founded Delhi Poetree in 2000 – “arguably Asia’s most successful poetry mission hosting a reading a day for 10 years” (read more about it here). Whew!

Amit’s impressive bio says he has made his living from poetry for 25 years. He writes every day and has featured in 20 collections and anthologies of poetry.

In 2005 he was designated Poet Laureate by the Senior Environment Corps, Center in the Park, G Town Philadelphia. His epic poem ‘The Last Will of the Tiger’ for NDTV was used to raise several million dollars to save the tiger. Later, the global rights to the poem were acquired by a media house for the highest sum ever paid for a single poem.

We are very pleased to have him join us at the Printers Room, 7-9pm. More details here.


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