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Untitled watercolour by Cliff Adeney

Cliff Adeney


45cm x 59cm

>> Cliff Adeney has been painting watercolours for over twenty years. He takes his inspiration from artists of all persuasions who have painted en plein air – the best way to paint. It encourages brevity, speed, a spareness of style, spontaneity and risk-taking.

Whilst most of his work is realistic, he is also interested in the imagined landscape.

Having had tuition from Margaret Voterakis, Ross Paterson, Alvaro Castagnet, Amanda Hyatt, Peter Smales, and Margaret Cowling, he credits all of these artists with having had profound, yet different influences on his painting technique, and has developed a distinctive style of his own.



by Brooke Vogt

The wind was still yet the water kept coming,
out of nowhere it seemed.
We had warning so I watched it from higher ground.
I saw my house go under.
I still look with my telescope sometimes and
now there are boat tours to show people what remains.
I miss the old buildings,
their slower tempo and quieter rhythm.
Whatever the future holds,
I heard the water say something that day.
Even from afar
I heard it.

Listen to Brooke’s poem:

>> Brooke started her quietly camp and manic love of words somewhere in her teens. She still writes because she’s not sure any nunnery will accept her and her two cats. In 2017 she had a short piece about her life published by Snap Journal online under a pen name.

Cliff’s response to Brooke’s text:
I love the creeping inevitability of Brooke’s words. They speak to me of our world vanishing slowly under rising water … was anyone listening?
My vision for this work was to imagine how our locality would look, subjected to rising waters. No low-lying tropical island, but elevated terrain, beyond the reach of ANY danger, or so we thought … and I almost painted cruise ships into this work.

A poster designed in workshop for Brooke Vogt's text

A poster designed in workshop for Brooke Vogt’s text