Vale Susie Surtees

Friends, I’m sorry to be sharing the news that we have lost a shining talent.

Writer and artist Susie Surtees died suddenly this week, aged 65.

Susie started the Word Banquet group in Ballarat this year, and was a recent attendee at Words Out Loud, reading a wonderfully entertaining piece.

It took only one meeting with Susie to know her as a woman of intellect and energy, and we at Words Out Loud feel the loss of being denied the opportunity to get to know her better creatively and as a beautiful human being.

I’m sure our WOL community will join with me in offering our condolences to Susie’s family and friends. Her daughter, Jane, has left a lovely tribute on Susie’s Facebook page, which illuminates the vivid life Susie led and the lives she touched.

Jane asks in her post that people set a place at the table for Susie, and we will do just that at August’s Words Out Loud in tribute to a friend well met and too soon departed.

– Jason Nahrung

Words On Theme

Words On Theme collated by Craig CoulsonWell, this is special!

Launched at the July edition, Words On Theme is the brainchild and love child of regular performer Craig Coulson. He has collated 15 flash fiction and poetry pieces from nine Words Out Loud performers, all on theme from the past two years, most from the heady days at dear Babushka.

Rebecca Fletcher and Cameron Fletcher formatted the handsome chap book, which was printed at HighTech Printing in Ballarat.

Craig is selling the booklet for $5. We had an early Christmas at the July edition, but the real deal is fast approaching … so see Craig at the next edition if you’d like a copy or three!